Play Well Together

Known Mass collaborators: Ann Glaviano, Jasper den Hartigh, Gretchen Erickson, Michaela Cannon, Karinne Keithley Syers, Coco Loupe, Calvin Rowe, Monica Mata Gilliam, Saskia Hofman, Marion Spencer, Melissa Erin Strain, Meryl Murman, Clayton Hunt, Byron Chance, Melissa Guion, Maria Browne, Matt Carney, Chris Stein, Anna Schwab, Rikki Willis, Alex Barbier, Adrienne Sonnier, Edward Spots, Shayna Skal, Amanda Kostreva, Emma Schain, Reese Johanson, Blane Mader, Lori Byargeon, Lori Maxwell Crosthwait, Catherine Nelson, Emily Apple, Rhia Jade, Becky Allen, Katya Chizayeva, Shannon Stewart, Dewuan Magee, Mike Wilkinson, Andy Gibbs

Known Mass Vector Series teachers: Shannon Stewart, Rebecca Allen, Tarren Johnson, Clare Cook, Gretchen Erickson, Tess Losada, Yanina Orellana, Kellis McSparrin Oldenburg, Coco Loupe, Michelle Ramos-Burkhart, Michelle Ramos, Edward Spots, Saskia Hofman

Playing elsewhere: New Orleans Ballet Theatre, The NOLA Project, FLOCK, the New Orleans Opera Association, Ailey II, José Mateo Ballet Theatre, Teatrul De Balet Sibiu, Narcisse|Movement Project, Melange, New Dialect, the Fly Honey Show, Tsunami, Of Moving Colors, Lightwire Theater, Maya Taylor Dance, Marigny Opera Ballet, Chard Gonzalez Dance Theater, 2B Tribe Dance Theatre, Heat Dust, Brother/Ghost, Leaving, Silver Godling, Subservient Fuck, Bloody Mummers, Silo Homes, MJ Guider, Halfys, Glish, Eucharist, Nightlands, The World is a Vampire, Holy Water, Thou, Marker

The Known Mass project has been supported & subsidized through generous assistance from Live Oak Dance, Art Klub, Dancing Grounds, the Schramel Conservatory of Dance, Romney Pilates, Tulane University, Marion Spencer & Calvin Rowe, Meryl Murman, Catherine Nelson, Algiers United Methodist Church, Episcopal High School (Baton Rouge), the Marigny Opera House, Trinity Episcopal Church, Manon and Albinas Prizgintas, DaMata Acupuncture Studio, New Noise, Twelve Mile Limit, Prytania Bar, Whole Foods (Metairie), & Boucherie.